What’s the Biggest Environmental Challenge We Face?

We’re all a part of this earth. As soon as we forget that, all hell breaks loose.

The problems we face today are all a result of being disconnected. And let’s not forget ignorant.

So what’s the most challenging environmental issue we face today?

Public awareness.

This is actually a double-edged sword. On one side we have the fact that most people just don’t care. Or that they’re just totally unaware of the consequences of their actions.

On the second side we have a total disconnect with nature. For some reason most people think that we’re totally separate from nature. Perhaps they feel that we humans create our own nature. Or perhaps, again, they just don’t think on those terms.

But the reality is that we are nature.

Our lives and our planet suffer when we so stupidly think that we and nature are separate. Our lives are directly influenced by nature, and our actions directly affect our environment.

And as we do more to harm nature, we only harm ourselves.

So until society shakes these two enormous misconceptions about life, how can we change enough to truly stop this environmental crisis from consuming our quality of life?

I can only hope that the forward thinking individuals in business, government, and charity will implement the changes we need, like alternative renewable energy for example, while the rest of society catches up.

Hmm…was that a bit harsh? I actually don’t care if it was. I’m so sick and tired of peoples’ complacency.

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