Money is not natural

An interesting way to look at money – especially in these crazy economic times.
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Money, in essence, is not natural…


There are basic elements of life that must be met in order to ensure survival.  Once these needs are met, then in general, the next things of importance can be embraced, and a sense of fulfillment met.

So how does money fit into this picture?

Before I delve into a bit of philosophy about that, I wanted to take a moment to examine the natural world around us.

In the natural order of things, money plays no part.  There is no other species of life that uses it, nor is their a true ecosystem or natural pecking order that revolves around it.  But yet, there are hundreds of thousands of species among us that live out their existence without the use of a unit of trade or legal tender to bring amount their means of survival or fulfillment.

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