A locally sourced economy can create jobs and independence.

clipped from moneytheory.com

A locally-sourced economy can create jobs and independence.


Natural systems utilize resources to their maximum possible benefit. Now there is a lot to be learned from this example.  Species are creative as to the varied ways they use the materials in their local environment.  Virtually nothing goes to waste.  We can do the same.

And in many ways, you may do so already.  But are there some ways you can make better use of what is around you?  Instead of treating certain things as waste to be discarded, is there something productive you can use them for, which will prevent you from buying something in their place, thus saving you money?

It is really amazing as to what can be achieved from this overall philosophy, which will also be discussed in more detail in a later post.  But how can this principle help create jobs and independence?

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