Happy Endangered Species Day!

Inspiring editorial and a beautiful photo!
clipped from fisheyedview.com

Endangered Species Pictures: The Fishing Cat


But do we dare treat species as being expendable?  Do we really want to dare to continue with our species’ thirst for rampant environmental degradation in our supposed “progress.”

I’m afraid that our 20th century experiment has produced results that cannot be acceptable any longer in terms of the environment.  Do we dare continue in the same direction throughout the 21st century?  Or, do we dare to do something different?  Do we dare to live with nature, rather than continue to try to live above it?

We must try to keep the remainder of the earth’s biodiversity and species intact, so that the intricate and most beautiful web of life that makes our world such an awe-inspiring and inhabitable place does not further unravel.  We must learn more about our role in the natural world.

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