Advanced Li-ion Battery Maker Applies for $480 Million in Federal Loan Funds to Accelerate Output for Next-Generation Auto Industry

Advanced Li-ion Battery Maker Applies for $480 Million in Federal Loan Funds to Accelerate Output for Next-Generation Auto Industry


How to survive a recession – saving money

There are many ways to survive a recession. One of these methods is to determine many ways to save money on your electric, gas, or water bill. Here are some suggestions:

Sometimes we may think that the energy bill just comes in the mail with a random amount on it that we have to pay. When it is higher than we expect, we may get upset and complain about high energy prices. Yes, these prices have went up drastically in the recent past, but the most important factor in keeping energy bills low is you.

We have all grown up in a world characterized by cheap, plentiful energy. We flip on the light switch, and the light turns on. Most of the time, we may not think of it much past that. It’s just an automatic part of life.

Or, we may be cognizant that keeping on the lights and heat does cost a good amount of money, but we may only know how to conserve to a certain extent.

There really are so many ways to conserve, many of which may not be commonplace, that you can save a surprising amount of energy! Here are some ways in detail…

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What’s the Biggest Environmental Challenge We Face?

We’re all a part of this earth. As soon as we forget that, all hell breaks loose.

The problems we face today are all a result of being disconnected. And let’s not forget ignorant.

So what’s the most challenging environmental issue we face today?

Public awareness.

This is actually a double-edged sword. On one side we have the fact that most people just don’t care. Or that they’re just totally unaware of the consequences of their actions.

On the second side we have a total disconnect with nature. For some reason most people think that we’re totally separate from nature. Perhaps they feel that we humans create our own nature. Or perhaps, again, they just don’t think on those terms.

But the reality is that we are nature.

Our lives and our planet suffer when we so stupidly think that we and nature are separate. Our lives are directly influenced by nature, and our actions directly affect our environment.

And as we do more to harm nature, we only harm ourselves.

So until society shakes these two enormous misconceptions about life, how can we change enough to truly stop this environmental crisis from consuming our quality of life?

I can only hope that the forward thinking individuals in business, government, and charity will implement the changes we need, like alternative renewable energy for example, while the rest of society catches up.

Hmm…was that a bit harsh? I actually don’t care if it was. I’m so sick and tired of peoples’ complacency.

Steve Irwin Day is November 15, 2008

Here’s some headlines to about how people around the world will be celebrating Steve Irwin Day:

Steve Irwin Day

November 15th, 2008 Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo will be jam packed full of activities that encompass all the things that Steve loved such as camping, surfing and of course animals! From the moment you arrive, you’ll step into a hub …

A Tribute to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and the Power of Goals

One of the most valuable lessons we can learn from Steve Irwin is to follow your bliss and pursue your passions. He lived pursuing his passion, every single day of his life. He met his wife while pursuing his passion (while she was also …

Steve Irwin Day-What I’m doing to Celebrate!

I am collecting donations from friends and family and I’m going to put on my khaki’s for khaki day, but I only have khaki pants so I’m going have to buy a khaki shirt. I may also have a […]

Remembering Steve Irwin, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’

Steve Irwin. (More photos of our trip to Australia Zoo and video clips of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ are found below.) November 15 is Steve Irwin Day. I want to take a moment and share with you how this amazing man changed my life. …

Remembering the Crocodile Hunter- Steve Irwin

He always dedicated himself to tasks at hand with incredible, heartfelt passion, as though each day would be his last. He crammed a lifetime of living into his far-too-short time here. It would be a fitting tribute and appropriate …

Steve Irwin Day at work

As Steve Irwin day is November 15th which is a Saturday this year, my workmates and I are planning on having Morning tea on November 12th 3 days early as we don’t work Saturday but we’ll be doing something for sure. …

Steve Irwin Day!!!!!

The countdown has begun for Steve Irwin day! The registration for Steve Irwin day has started. If you register you can raisie money for Wildlife Warriors. There’s also some great prizes involved. So get out …

Heres what I am doing for a Fundraiser for Steve Irwin Day

A Beaut Fundraiser for Steve Irwin Day For Steve Irwin day I am selling Ice Cream cone Holder They are Great All profits will be going to the Wildlife Warriors The product I am doing is [ click post title to read more ]

My Steve Irwin Day Backyard Campout

I will be camping out !!!!! November 14th ,15th,16th,17th. for. Steve Irwin Day. I hope to raise alot of money for the Wildlife Warriors. Please help me by making a $2 tax deductable donation to help me meet my goal and wildlife and …

How Do I Improve My Gas Mileage?

Great product to improve your gas mileage with lots of testimonials…
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Increase Gas Mileage By Using FFT

“Are You One of the Millions Seeking A Real and Proven Solution to the Rising Cost Of Fuel?”
Then check out this story that our Network Television Station did about our product and how we are helping people save money on gas by using FFT Fuel Saver when they fill up at the pumps.

FFT Fuel Saver

�If you are looking for ways to save money on gas, then you must try a bottle of FFT Fuel Saver.

Improves how petroleum based fuel burns
Gives you more miles / gallon or BTU’s in driving, heating or manufacturing with petroleum based-fuels.
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Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice

“Evidence that Earth’s climate continues to heat up comes this week in the form of satellite data that shows the extent of Arctic sea ice this year has shrunk below the 2005 minimum to stand as the second-smallest since observations from space began 30 years ago.

Last summer, the extent of Arctic sea ice shrank to more than 30 percent below average, its smallest extent in the satellite record.” ~ ENS

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Renewable Energy Alternatives

Both the scientific community and everyday people around the globe are diligently looking for alternatives to the fossil fuels that have driven the world’s energy needs for hundreds of years.

Everyone knows that those fuels are nonrenewable and send tons of pollutants into the earth’s fragile atmosphere every second. Everyone also knows that we simply cannot go on this way—but what can you do to try to cut yourself loose from the energy trap that has kept us in its grips for centuries? It’s a question more and more Americans are asking themselves every day. Here’s a basic primer on the alternatives that are available.

First, you can use solar energy to heat your home and provide hot water for household use. It can also be used to generate electricity via photovoltaic cells. The technology is constantly improving and it’s possible that recent breakthroughs in electricity generation will both increase the efficiency of photovoltaics and bring down the cost of the electricity they produce.

Wind power is becoming an increasingly important source of electricity in Iowa, Texas, and California, which lead the nation in wind energy generation, but nearly all states are investigating the possibility of adding wind generated power to their arsenal. There are also house-sized units available, and as the demand for them grows, they’ll continue to come down in price per unit and in installation cost.

Other forms of energy are less accessible to the average homeowner, but you can use mass-produced forms, such as ethanol, E85, or soy-based diesel fuel in your vehicle to cut down on fossil fuels and to lessen the amount of pollution you contribute to the environment.

Hydrogen fuel cells are still in the experimental stages, but many experts continue to insist that they’ll eventually represent the wave of the future in powering our vehicles. Time will tell, but the point is that you can take advantage of alternative fuels right now without waiting to see what happens on the hydrogen front.

Another important plus for turning toward alternative fuel sources is that there are sometimes significant tax breaks to be obtained for converting all or part of your home to something other than traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Regardless of which alternative energy source appeals to you, before you begin shopping, take some time to look into possible tax incentives that may help offset a portion of their initial cost.

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Today in Toyota Prius News

Toyota Prius in the US thanks to General Motors

It appears the Japanese are asking help from the “enemy” to globalise the apple of their eye: according to unconfirmed reports, Toyota wants to collaborate with General Motors to export a Prius production line to an American facility. …

Toyota Prius Reviews

So what I can do for you is list the top websites where you can find unbiased Toyota Prius reviews by actual owners as well as professional overviews. …

Toyota weighs decision on Prius plant in US

Toyota Prius hybrid cars line an auto dealership’s front row in Springfield, Ill., earlier this year. Toyota said Friday that nothing had been decided yet on using its California joint venture plant with General Motors to produce the …

Prius sales tank in May, Toyota blames battery supply

This stat might seem confusing given the fact that fuel economy is king at dealerships right now, but Toyota just reported that Prius sales were down almost 40% in May compared to the same period in 2007. While overall 2008 sales of the …

Toyota Prius Convertible by NCE

The prius is one of the best known hybrid cars on the market bringing in excellent fuel economy for a car of it’s size. Perhaps the owner was looking for a guilt free open top cruiser without the wait for any of the electric offerings …

A DVD Club for Greenies

What a great way to raise awareness for environmental and wildlife conservation!
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The only DVD club dedicated to increasing social & environmental awareness through entertaining films

Watch environmental film trailers

Inspiring Stories That Matter To You And To Our Future

Every other month we send you films that explore the subjects that are important to all of us, and address the challenges that concern all of us:
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New Sweet Lookin’ Hybrid Car

You gotta check this out…
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Hybrid Technologies Electric Car photo
Tesla, Fisker, and Now Hybrid Technologies
Hybrid Technologies is entering a niche currently occupied by Tesla Motors: The green(er) super-car. It’s not for sale (it’s not even clear if it has a name yet), but a drivable prototype should be ready by September, and Hybrid Technologies are planning two drivetrains: Gasoline-electric hybrid, a version that will compete for the Automotive X-Prize, and an all-electric version.
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